50: The Hourglass

“I knew Verena, we were friends, in a different time, almost as if in a different world” The old woman said as she looked into the grey sky. Asura didn’t know if the droplets running down her cheeks were hers or the sky’s. She didn’t know what to say, a word of comfort would be awkward.

Lightning flashed in the clouds. It slowly began raining ever so lightly. The pitter patter of rain was soft, heard only barely in the silence.The old woman pulled out an umbrella and smiled at Asura.

“There’s no point getting wet!” She laughed.

“Thanks” Asura said, still wary of the old woman.

“When you come across someone like me, you would expect that the person would have many regrets. For me, I only have one regret.” The old woman sighed.

Asura’s interest was increasing and decided she would listen to the old womans tale.

Well its better than waiting for the rain to stop.

And what was that regret?” Asura said, sounding like she was reading it of a script.

“Im glad you asked little girl. Call me Muinte by the way.” said the old woman, a smile flickering on her aged face.

“Verena and I were sisters bound by fate. We had both lost our parents during the Mortisa Tempesta. She found me in the slums of the Agora, struggling to survive. She took me in as a sister, even though she could barely keep herself alive. I think I was the same age as you at that time, Verena was ten. Despite our living conditions, we were happy.”

“One day, when Verena was thirteen, she was conscripted to the Agorian army. The same war which brought us together tore us apart. So I was alone again, but this time, I was determined to live, determined to make sure my sister wouldn’t worry. So for two years I worked as an errand runner, it was then that I realised that the market wasn’t just a slum, but a center of commerce, teeming with life.  When the war had finished, I knew all the lanes and alleyways of the Agora by heart, this was my home, this was the way it was meant to be. When Verena came became, she was decorated, for ability on the battlefield and heroics. The puppet government of the Agora gave us a house, a gift for my sister’s contribution to the war.”

“The praise for my sister was something we both weren’t used to, Verena was asked to attend every social function within the Agora,to sit next to the governor of the Agora at parades. Everyday would be a party, a party in honor of my sister, though she did not want to attend these functions, not liking the publicity, the consequences for not turning up meant that you were a traitor. Verena knew that I disliked it more than her, and she sympathized with me. I often thought I was eclipsed by her radiance, I felt this need pulsating in my mind to be better than her. She kept telling me that I had an infinite amount of potential, and that it was only a matter of time before I superseded her. Her words were so real, her sympathy was genuine but something in me wanted to believe that they were fake, I wanted to think that she was the antagonist in my life. When I was sixteen, I heard about a Forusagr run experiment called Hourglass…”

“I asked my sister what it was about, I remember her eyes, never before have I seen her so frightened, she made me promise to stay away from the recruiting officers for the experiment. I heard from rumour that it was an experiment to imbue this new form of magic into a human, called time magic. This was a series of experiments in order to create an invincible magician that would become the next leader of the Forusagr. Overcome with the thought of the prospect of being more powerful than my sister, I approached a recruiting officer.”

“Of course, the accepted me, because of my sister. They told me I was to live in the Forusagr headquarters. I told my sister, to cover up my broken promise, that I had been accepted into the prestigious Agorian Academy of Soldiers. Verena cried with joy, she said that she always knew I had the potential, she organised a feast, I was supposed to feel happy, all I felt was shame… Then the experiment, it was horrible, I was fed these pills made out of pure magic, they burned my insides, but I had to do it, I had to overshadow my sister. Everyday, the Forusagr magicians would cast spells on me, make me stand in spell circles, wrote runes on my body. After a while they made me experiment my power on human subjects… It was terrible… I tried to use my power to kill myself, but it was useless. But would could I do? I had delved to deep into my own emotions.”

“What is time magic auntie Muinte?” Asura asked, immersed in the old woman’s tale, completely oblivious she could be talking with a foe.

“It is the most horrible type of magic my dear child, I trust that you would not want to hear it.”

Asura looked at her shoes, forcing herself to be satisfied with the answer.

“When the experiment had nearly finished, a disaster happened, I became a teenage girl caged inside a weak, feeble body. They told me it was caused by a miscalculation, I always believed that it was the natures way of saying that some things are just forbidden and whoever tries to wield them will be punished… In the most ironic way. Imagine that, the one which aged her enemies till they died became cursed in a state of eternal decrepitness… My sister visited the academy one day, to see how I was going, of course, I wasn’t there, confused she asked the headmaster if I was on an excursion of some sort, he said no, she kept trying to find excuses to prove I was just away, she trusted me too much, the thought a lying Muinte was incomprehendable. We all have to face the cold truth one day… Verena stormed into that office which pillars support, pillars that cast shadows that the master of the Forusagr melts into… I was their as well, hiding behind a pillar, I saw those famous tears dripping down her face, I remember her scream, that hallowed scream that stayed with me forever…”

“Give me back my sister…”

“I was kind of glad I became cursed with age, I would no longer have to become the next master of the Forusagr, and even though I was weak, I was still a valuable asset, I could still accomplish missions, but not on my own… Back to the story, along came a merchant called Emporos and his friend Ken, they both wanted too overthrow the Forusagr, my sister joined them, not because she knew it was impossible for them to do it on there own, not because she pitied them, it was because, she wanted to reclaim her sister… Along came Everta, a small beggar girl with an undiscovered talent, and the terrain warper Exigo who defected from the Forusagr, They were doing so well… and they would have defeated Armagedus, if it wasn’t for me… That coward, fearing death so much after Verena stabbed his eye used me as a shield. He told me to finish her while he ran away… I saw my sister for the first time, she looked older, her face no longer having that glow. She dropped her sword and hugged me, no questions asked.I wanted to go away with her and lead “a normal life… But I couldn’t, he had placed an obedience curse on me. I told her that I was sorry, she smiled at me, in that understanding sisterly way. She told me to kill her. I said I couldn’t . She said if I wouldn’t the obedience curse would kill me. I said I would rather die. She smiled, grabbed her sword and stabbed herself…” Muinte reflected sadly, gasping for air as sadness overwhelmed her.

Asura was feeling teary herself and patted the old woman on the back.

“So those stories about Verena… are all lies?” She asked, trembling as the truth pounded its weight on her.

“Well my dear, my sister was an exceptionally brave person… But those stories about her fighting to the end were false, made to make Armegedon seem invincible… I think I should tell you about my magic… it would make somethings more clear. You see, time magic transports the victim to his last five minutes on earth, of course, like most powerful magic, there has to be balance, in this particular magic, as this magic belongs to the blood thaumaturgy family, if my blood flow is disrupted in anyway, the spell would be countered. She’d rather stab herself than to stab her sister…”

“Asura, you must listen to me very carefully, when I cast that spell on you, don’t be afraid of your new body, you may feel a bit queazy, but you must wound or kill me within five minutes, I’m sorry to put you under this pressure…” The old woman said with a voice lined with sympathy as she grasped the little girl’s hand.

“What? Are you feeling okay auntie Muinte?” Asura stammered, feeling a bit frightened.

Vae aetatis!” Muinte howled.

Piercing white sparks flyed to Asura’s body, she started to glow, she heard voices, familiar voices.

Laughter, cries, screams, whispers. They all rushed past her conscious.

“Someone stop the bleeding, she’s going to die, someone help, please!” screamed a voice sounding like Esiko’s, the only voice she could clearly understand.

She opened her eyes, feeling regret and an uncontrallable sadness.

“No… this is impossible, the world can’t be that cruel…” cried Muinte.




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49: A Cry of Help

“There’s so much food!”

“Plenty to go around Esiko, plenty.” Ensis eyed the pixi floss greedily. He always had a soft spot for the sugary, cloud-like candy that melts in your mouth, leaving behind a syrupy paste on your tongue. Yum.

Asura saw the glint in his eye. “Take it slowly Ensis, we don’t want you choking on all that sugar.”

Esiko laughed. “Pixi floss? Pixi floss? You like pixi floss?”

Ensis gave him a glare.

“What’s so wrong with pixi floss? It’s delicious!”

“It’s a girl’s lolly. Any man who likes or eats pixi floss is a WUSS.” He burst out laughing again, hastily covering it with a fit coughs as Ensis shot him another deathstare.

“And while you cough to your death Esiko, we’ll DIG IN!”

The gang ran towards the table full groaning with good food and crammed as much as they could into their mouths. “Ohwoooow. Howcannitastesoooogood?”

Murmurs of agreement came from all four corners of the room, their mouths too busy chewing to speak out.

Asura too was enjoying her fair share of food, but she couldn’t help thinking there was something they were forgetting…. “Esiko… Aren’t we supposed to be doing something?”

“What? Like eating these amazing Agorian Golden Biscuits?” He held up the packet of biscuits.

“No… I mean… Something else. Something important. Aren’t we supposed to be doing some kind of quest…?”

“Like the quest of opening these amazing Agorian Golden Buscuits? Who wants some?”

Esiko’s body wasn’t able to be seen as the other members of their little group lunged towards him, all attempting to grab the packet of biscuits from his grasp.

“This is pointless…” Asura walked out the door.

“LOOK! The package of the amazing Agorian Golden Biscuit is shining!”

“So pretty..”

She shut the door loudly behind her. And to think, the mighty warriors have been tamed by a crisp packet of golden biscuits that actually taste exactly the same as normal buscuits. She left the majestic buildings. On the way down, the mirror-conjured stairs appeared for her instantly. Hmm… I guess the secret of the invisible stairs are only kept secret from outsiders…” She made her way down, cautiously stepping on the watery stairs

During their little picnic, the sun had hidden behind the dark clouds. Asura walked casually past Verena’s statue, stopping to read the inscription that had been carved deeply into the stone. Verena’s hardships to fight for what and whom she loved will never be forgotten. Her courage is a message for us all: do all you may to protect those you love and what you believe in. Come rain, come hail, come sun, you will remain here and in our memories forever, my dear. I hope this statue will remind everyone of the battle that you died for. The tears you have shed will forever be remembered with this statue, built for your honor. Live in peace, Everta.

And as if the skies had heard her cruel story, the clouds opened us and down dropped tiny, sharp pinpricks of the sky’s tears onto the small town of Agora. It seemed as if the skies were mourning for Verena’s death. Asura ran to the nearest shelter, her fragile body being battered by the relentless torrent of rain.

Then, as suddenly as the rain had come, it stopped abruptly, the sun shyly peeking out through exhausted and drained clouds.

Asura left her shelter quietly, but traces back her steps as she remembered something Ensis had said during their brief tour of Verena’s lane. She skipped happily back to the statue of Verena. Rain streamed down Verena’s face like tears. It was really a sight to behold, the beads of rain sparkling and glistening proudly in the sun. Asura wiped the droplets of water away. “No one ought to be crying,” She whispered, planting a small kiss on Verena’s cheek.

Leaning away from the statue, a dark line on Verena’s white marble cheek caught her eye. Who in Agora is cruel enough to graffiti on such a beautiful statue? Asura wondered. She attempted to rub the  mark off with her sleeve, but rather than disappearing, the mark seemed to become larger. As she rubbed harder, the mark expanded rapidly, it’s dark lines spreading out to create small, spidery writing.

“Wah…?” Asura stared at the writing.

It seemed to become clearer and revealed more as she polished the marble more…

She quickly wiped the statue and watched as it exposed swiftly. Soon, the whole statue was covered in the dark, spidery writing.

I don’t know what’s happening to me Verena. I’m so scared. Please help me. I feel like I’m slowly disintegrating into something that is outlandish and definitely not like me at all. Lately, everything has become so dark.

I no longer feel anything, I miss the feel of sunshine on my skin. Verena, what is happening to me? What am I turning into?

I’m struggling to grasp a reason to live any more, only the visits to your statue gives me something to look forward to tomorrow. Verena. I am beginning to feel as if something evil is taking over me. I hardly feel like I have been before. I am afraid, Verena.

What’s happened to me? I can no longer see light, I can hardly even remember what my point in life is. I can hardly even remember you! Only that I must keep coming here, writing my feelings, otherwise I will surely turn into this evil monster that is taking over my life. Please Verena, help me rid of this eviil before it rids of me.

Verena. I feel as if I am betraying you, the darkness is eating my soul away. The only moments of clear mind I have are when I am with you. But these times are getting shorter and shorter each day. Soon, I do not think I will be able to communicate with you at all.

The darkness that holds me in it’s grasp is strong, I no longer have any senses. These visits are the only things that are keeping me from falling into the abyss of the overwhelming blackness.

Verena, I am no longer able to speak to you. These visits are a danger to –

The messages stopped there, as if the person begging for help had suddenly collapsed. Asura stepped back in horror. She had just visually witnessed what seemed to be the eating of one’s soul. She turned away, crying and bumped into someone.

“I’m so sorry mam,” she sobbed, her sight blurring the figure.

“It’s alright my dear, why don’t you stay with me for a while, I’ll comfort you, yes?”

Asura blinked and opened her eyes. Before her stood the old woman she had bumped into. “O…o…okay.”

48: She lives

Dear who ever this may concern

Meet me at Grand Block, Room 19, Verena lane, this urgent, come as soon as possible. I beg you.

From Korihana.

Ensis felt himself shiver with rage. The powerful emotion swelling up within him. He took on a knight’s instinct to feel responsible for his ladies safety. Blinded by his sense of justice, he grabbed his sword. He was stopped before he could dress himself.

“What are you doing?” A scheming faced Esiko said. His expression was bursting with silent laughter.

Ensis stared at him, he felt his whole body go cold with embarrassment. Unperturbed by Ensis’ muteness, Esiko continued speaking.

“You woke up in the middle of the night, you then proceeded to have some coffee, when you were going to the kitchen you found a note. Being curious, you began reading the note and discovered it was from Korihana, and for some reason I don’t understand, you want to venture alone and save her.”

Esiko was smiling wickedly. Ensis sighed as he buried his red face in his hand. He silently reflected his stupidity and his own powerful feelings with shame. Esiko’s face was mangled with an unnatural grin.


Ensis gave a menacing glare at Esiko, which turned out to be quite comical as anyone would laugh if a tomato stared at them.

Don’t listen to the boy, you were just caught up in the moment… damn I will… do something… when I think of something to do…

“Right now you are thinking how you will get back at me and somehow you are trying to explain for what you did, you are so predictable” Esiko said smartly, his facial expression more relaxed.

Finally giving up, Ensis shrunk against the wall, trying to look like fearless warrior.

“So what do you propose to do?”

Esiko clapped his hands the same manner someone would clap to call a line of waiters holding exotic dishes.

Like a necromancer’s command to the dead, the sound made from the collision of his hands awakened Asura, Kireishi and Sosai, the three shot up from the white blankets on the ground. Asura was carrying a brightly lit lantern which illuminated her innocent face.

“I knew you could do it yourself Esiko!” She giggled.

Ensis twitched his head nervously.

“Wah? What were you guys planning?”

Kireishi giggled politely. Sosai stared blankly outside the frost covered window.

“That was rather amusing”

“You guys set me up…” Ensis mumbled.

“Esiko wouldn’t let me join in, he said he wanted the enjoyment to himself!” Asura said sweetly.

Ensis stared at Esiko, his eyes seemed to say “I never knew you were a person like that”.

“We are going to go together!” Esiko exclaimed!

And you call me predictable…

Ensis felt the harsh cold whisper of the market air whip across his face as he stepped out of the inn. He saw merchants setting up their stores, putting the latest items on the bench. He saw a tax collector with the mark of the Forusagr etched on his hood, surrounded by two brawny soldiers which had such intimidating features that the merchants began to think twice of complaining of the unfair and high taxes. He saw an elderly woman reluctantly give a part of her meager income to the collector. She firmly held her bag of coins, useless determination imprinted in her mind. She finally relented. Falling to the ground, crying.

“Look straight Ensis, we will deal with that later, I know how you feel” said Kireishi, looking somewhat sad as she glared down the market alleyway.

Ensis looked as his feet as he trudged along, knowing Kireishi was right.

“So where is this Verena’s Lane?” Esiko asked nonchalantly.

“WHAT? YOU CAME OUT WITHOUT KNOWING WHERE VERENA’S LANE IS?” Ensis shouted, his voice somewhat furious.

“What do you expect? I’m not the one who’s live here for five or so years” Esiko said, ignoring Ensis’ anger.

Ensis breathed in the morning air.

“It’s one of the finer lanes in the Agora. Clean, merchant free and quite luxurious. It’s got lots of fountains and statues and garden beds. Theirs lots of old houses that line the lane, you know, the houses with that vintage, post war charm? Its two turns left from the big square head of us”

The four walked at a reasonable pace, taking time to observe their dimly lit surroundings. The sun was yet to rise but Asura’s lantern seemed to provide enough light. Esiko had never realised how scenic the market was when there was no people in it. They arrived at the big square, Esiko never realised that it was a square, it looked like a demented circle when it was bustling with conversations.

“I wonder what happened to her? I’m really worried!” Kireishi openly thought.

“I heard her scream during the middle of the night…” Sosai murmured.

“What?” Esiko said as he halted and turned around, looking a bit surprised.

“You heard what I said…” Sosai grumbled, his words melding with the morning breeze.

“Look kid, why didn’t you tell us this before?” Ensis growled, pinning Sosai to a wall, dangerously close to yelling.

“Well look at it this way, does it make any difference at all if you knew that she screamed?” Sosai said, not intimidated by Ensis’ stature.

Ensis loosened his tenacity, breathing heavily. He turned and kept walking. Everyone went silent, the only sound which could be heard were merchants afar preparing their wares.

After three or so minutes of walking and silence, the search party had reached Verena’s lane. It was just as Ensis had described it.

Elegant. Classical. Charming.

Guarding the lane was a vigilant statue of a young woman, holding a sword down, her eyes looking at the sky. A lonely expression forever on her face.

“That’s the statue of Verena, when it rains, it looks like that she’s crying. According to the Everta’s memories, her friends were all slain by the master of the Forusagr and she was the last one standing. Stricken with grief, she charged at Armegedus and two of his guards. She killed the guards easily and then fought with Armegedus brutally. The battle ended with Armegedus losing one eye, his left hand, his right foot and functionality of his ears and Verena losing her life.” Ensis said solemnly as they explored the lane.

“Woah, is that the grand block? That’s certainly looks like a place where people would just die to be taken hostage there!” Esiko said, struck with the beauty of the building.

“The water feature on it is… kinda glowing…” Kireishi said.

The building was a creamy beige in colour, and was significantly taller than all the other buildings in the lane. Its rectangular facade was decorated with flower baskets, classical water features which channeled a luminous water to mirrors which were positioned at the bottom of the building. The mirrors reflected the light coming from the water and made the building glow. On the roof was a garden filled with wildflowers and a glasshouse. There were balconies protruding the building with white railings, simple windows which added to the classical charm. Outside the building were two gigantic trees with radiant green leaves which grew on its light brown branches.

“Shame that inside such splendor is probably Korihana tied to a chair and… maybe it is still a splen…” Sosai’s fantasizing was stopped with a swift and painful slap from Kireishi. The group kept walking, as if it never happened, leaving Sosai behind.

“Hey wait up! I was joking!”

The group walked slowly into the building. The foyer was equally grand, the room was surrounded with a pool which was inundated with luminous water. In the middle of the ceiling was a small square hole which soared to the top of the building, giving those below a magnificent view of the sky. There was an assortment of mirrors hanging on the wall, each reflecting the beauty of the room. There was something wrong with the room though.

“Ummm, like, WHERE ARE THE STAIRS?” Esiko yelled, realising the flaw in the room.

The moment was too awkward for even silence. Ensis smiled despite everything.

“Hahaha, I thought they stopped making these. Well, you see, the water around us isn’t only for aesthetics, hey can someone grab me a mirror from the wall?” Ensis said, a plan painted in his mind.

“I think it would be better if I made the stairs” said Sosai, holding his hand near his hand.

With one swift motion he created a spiral staircase made. He grinned majestically as he walked to his creation. As he stepped on the first block, the illusion disappeared, causing him to fall due to over anticipation.

“Your still weak from yesterday, take it easy today!” Ensis laughed.

Asura rushed to the wall and leaned carefully against the pool which lined the walls, trying not to fall in the water. She nimbly grabbed a mirror and ran back to Ensis, ignoring Sosai, who was curled in a ball, cursing his bad luck.

Ensis held the mirror firmly above the water, the light emanating from the water reflecting gently off the mirror.


Nothing happened.

Silence plus fail.

Still nothing.

Silence plus fail times more fail.

“I guess we both failed, I feel a lot better” Sosai whispered.

Then suddenly, droplets of water spiraled up into the mirror. Ensis smiled with self-satisfaction. He slowly lifted the mirror, the water following the mirrors path, slowly materialising into a visible shape.

“Oh, so you had t succeed, and make me look like a loser…”

No one heard him, all eyes were on the rising water.

“The water has been imbued with light and therefore shines. The mirror heats up if you hold it above the water, as light transforms into heat energy. The mirror than causes evaporation in the water, which causes it to rise of course. But unlike normal water, since it is imbued with magic, it doesn’t vaporise as the energy from the magic pulls the water molecules together, making it turn into a solid without becoming ice, but since it is still water, the laws of evaporation still apply to it. Though the creation looks like a liquid, it’s actually quite solid. And by using this method, we have successfully created stairs!” Ensis smiled, as he charmed the water from the pool. He gently stepped on a block of water and lifted the mirror in a spiral motion.

More crystalline blocks of water appeared, a veil of water twirling around the stairs.

“Wow, I never knew you were smart!” Esiko said, actually sounding genuinely surprised.

“I would have become an elemental researcher if my school hadn’t been destroyed by the Forusagr… Anyways, we better be quick, the stairs will vaporise very soon!”

“You mean… rain?” Kireishi asked, slightly interested.


Esiko never knew that climbing stairs would be so intense.

They rushed towards the beautiful aqua structure,

The stairs started to vaporise as soon as Sosai walked on it.


Ensis, who already reached the floor Korihana was on shouted some words which were supposed to be encouraging.

“DON’T WORRY, IT’S STILL SOLID… well for a short time… JUST RUN!”

The water blocks in front of Esiko collapsed, the water gushing down and pummeling him.

Like a crazed beast, the water mauled their presence.

An onlooker would have seen an awe-striking chain reaction of water cascading that spiraled into the soaring ceiling. Some would gaze at it and by mystified by it’s beauty.

Water sprayed from the veil of rushing water. The atmosphere was dripping with a mist of vapor.


“Imbrutrybrooeferbeooooaerboowerbwooo” Esiko yelled, his speech distorted by the water thrashing at his face. The force of the water was too strong for him. The ground barely solid.

Asura, who felt the experience was rather exciting and fun felt the dire urgency of the situation when a huge spout of water crashed against her tiny body.


Normally, Esiko would have thought the idea of holding hands was corny, but seeing the sense in Asura’s statement he grabbed hold of her tiny hand.

“YOUR THE BOSS ASURA!” He shouted, with a trusting smile on his drenched face.

Esiko and Kireishi joined, clutching each others hands as tight as possible, trying not to be swept by the deluge.

“WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” Sosai shouted as his foot slipped through the water.


“SPARE ME THE HEROIC ABOUT TO DIE PHRASES, WE’RE STILL GOING TO DIE, AND UNTIL WE DIE I AM GOING TO KEEP RANT…” Sosai called out, he was interrupted by Asura who leapt of the rapidly dissolving staircase.

“Let’s fly!” She yelled as she propelled herself forward. Since they were all holding hands, they all leapt towards the ground. Esiko turned his head around, the water was erupting behind them. He looked ahead, the floor was reachable, the force was dying.

Screams filled the air, screams fueled with adrenaline rather than fear.

Esiko spent too long pondering at the fact about if he would make it to see the floor right in front of him.

THUD. They landed on the soft, carpeted, almost spongy ground.

Esiko swore loudly, proving he had learnt a lot from Gareth’s encounter’s with coffee.

Ensis smiled wickedly.

“Hahahaha, you guys were so funny, and your all wet! Hahahaha…” Ensis laughed, glad that misfortune didn’t affect him for once.

Before Esiko, Asura, Kireishi or Sosai could say a killer insult, the water surged forward and soaked everyone.

I take back everything I said and thought about you water! Esiko thought

“On second thoughts let’s keep walking” Ensis said, trying to handle the situation with as much dignity as possible.

Asura got up, her white frock heavy frock. She shaked her hair, an joyful smile on her face, water droplets flying out in all directions. She skipped to a door.

“This is room 19!”

She slowly opened the door, and walked in. Everyone else soon followed.

The room was dimly lighted and the air was of suspense. The door opened to a short corridor which had white walls. The group walked slowly and cautiously, ready to strike at any moment. Water dripping down their clothes.

Lights opened, out of nowhere, an ambush. Kireishi and Ensis brandished their weapons. They were blinded by adrenaline to notice anyone in the room.

“SURPRISE!” A jubilant Korihana sang, she too was soaked with water. Around her were stacks of boxes and un-arranged furniture.

Everyone was confused and just stared at her.

“What? You all wet as well?”

“No, it’s just that we thought you had been kidnapped…” Esiko uttered.

“Oh, my fault, was the note a bit to dramatic? I know I should have been more clear but I was in a hurry!”

Blank stares.

“Explaining time, okay well, I heard this knock at the door in the middle of the night, the inn’s manager handed me this envelope, he said a man in his early twenties wanted to give it to us, I opened the letter and I was so excited that I screamed! Yes well, the letter came with a key and a note saying the address of this house and how he is giving it to us and the he wishes us good luck. I quickly got dressed and ventured out. When I arrived here I encountered the same problem, I couldn’t work it out until I saw the mirrors hanging on the wall, I dismissed the idea immediately but gave it a try any way, I was so shocked when I saw the water rising I was paralysed, it wasn’t until I saw the water collapsing that I quickly made the rest of the stairs and run up it, I was too slow and at the end, I got soaked and had to jump. When I opened the door I was stunned at the dwelling’s simple elegance. The bathroom has a bath, shower, toilet, sink and is quite luxurious.” raved Korihana, before taking a deep breath to continue her flurry of compliments.

“It also has a laundry room, dining room with a kitchen which is combined with the living room and as you can see we are in the room right now. It also has this gigantic master bedroom in which we will all be sleeping in, this MASSIVE closet and another room which I don’t know what is for. It also has, wait for it… TWO BALCONIES. The kind man also left lots of furniture, food, miscellaneous items, so all we have to do is to arrange all the furniture, make it more homely and eat the food! Isn’t this great?” She exclaimed.

“So like, you didn’t get kidnapped?” Kireishi asked, dropping her staff as she scanned the room, her face illuminated with wonder.

“Woah…” Ensis murmured, partly angry that he had gotten angry over nothing, and overwhelmed with happiness.

The reunited group stood still, not sure of what to say.

Silence always happens before an uproar.

“THIS IS AWESOME! Korihana lets like totally decorate the place!” Kireishi screamed overjoyed, holding Korihana’s hand and jumping hysterically.

“YES! WE’RE GONNA BE AWESOME DECORATORS!” Korihana answered, equalling Kireishi’s enthusiasm in excitement and in jumping up and down like a maniac.

“SO MUCH CANDY!” Asura yelled, throwing handfuls of wrapped lollies in the air.

“THE BED IS SO NICE AND SOFT! I haven’t slept in a bed like this ever! I’m going to go to sleep now…” Esiko shouted as he jumped into a bed which was still in the living/dining room.

“HEY ASURA GIMMIE SOME CANDY!” Ensis yelled, finally grasping what was in front of him.

If only everyday could be this blissful.


A hooded man stood in front of the gates of the Agora. A messenger boy ran towards him, panting heavily.

“Did you deliver the letter” The cloaked man said.

The boy panted and nodded.

“Have they received it?” He said, sounding a bit happy.

The boy nodded.

“Are they there?”

“Questions, questions, questions in which you already know the answer, why else would I be back if I everything hadn’t been completed?” the messenger who turned out to not be a messenger as he morphed into a squirrel said, sounding a bit annoyed.

“Yes, of course, sorry Sciurus, I’m just so…” The cloaked man said, a smile flickered across his face as he glanced at the market.

Th squirrel climbed onto his shoulder and sighed.

“No need to finish that sentence, Frederick”

47.5: Final Reading

Ensis lifted the paper to his face, leveling with his eyes. As he read, his eyes slowly widened.

On the paper, it read: The end ^_^

A/N: Bob, our head writer and most of the creative talents of Esiko, is currently… Lazing around… so, this will be the temporary end to the esiko legend.

Revised Note: BWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, I REVIVED ESIKO, spot the puns in the next post XD

47: Going Back

Esiko looked from Uncia back to Sosai.

‘Damn. Why does it always come to ME?’

“I think we should just kill him. He’s too dangerous to keep alive,” a bitter voice said.

Esiko turned around to look straight into the eyes of Kireishi. Her normally brown eyes had seemed to darken to a solid black, an air of deep loathing etched into her face.

“Kireishi?” Esiko studied her figure with curiosity. It was hard to imagine Kireishi speaking with such fever and intense disgust towards a living creature, and yet, standing right in front of them was a snarling, hatred-filled Kireishi.

“Kiri, are you okay?”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” She yelled, her face distorted with profound resentment.

Asura, Esiko, Ensis, Korihana, Uncia and Sosai all spun around sharply. “Kireishi, are you alright?”

She twirled her staff at him and poked his stomach severely.

Sosai chuckled. “Nasty bit of work you are, my dear lady.”

Suddenly, as if something in her brain had clicked back into place, she snapped into her former self. “OH! I am so s…s…sorry Esiko… I d…don’t know what came into me!” Kireishi bowed her head down as if she were in shame.

“Kiri, what just happened?” Asura asked, her normally cheerful smile missing from her face.

“Oh… N…n…nothing Asura. It doesn’t matter.”

Ensis glanced briefly at Kireishi. “OH. I get it. Don’t worry Asura, Esiko.”


“Well… You know that time of the month when women sometimes become a little… say… moody?”

Kireishi blushed hard.

“Ensis… You poor, sick, sick man.” Esiko shook his head with mock shame.

The group burst out laughing, the incident with Kireishi forgotten in their mirth.

“So… What shall we do with Sosai?”

On hearing his name, the illusionist in question held his head up within his icy prison.

“Your going to kill me, I don’t deserve to live, I have been defeated.”

Esiko flinched with surprise. The illusionist’s acceptance of death threw him offtrack.

Was he really prepared?

“Don’t take this away from me Sosai!”

Esiko broke from his trance like state as he swept his eyes across the seven surrounding him. “Who said that?”

His questions was not answered. His friends were as confused as he was. Sosai began chanting something which sounded like a hymn.

“I don’t know… you are a Forusagr….”

Sosai’s acceptance of death dissappeared in an instant.

“Please don’t kill me!” He begged with a voice of deep sadness, the solemn glint in his eye vanished from sight. “I can help you! I was once in the Forusagr! I know their ways!” The desperation in his plead was hard to ignore.

His sudden change in heart stupefied Esiko even more.

“Wait what? You just said that you were ready to die?”

Sosai’s glee returned to him. “Actually. I just did that to annoy you and gain some pity!”

“You see Esiko, this man is a liar, like all Forsuagr, he will go crawling back to their master! He will toy with our sense of judgement before crushing us when we least expect it!” A much more calmer Kireishi said

“Don’t listen to that woman! I’m different from the rest! Please let me stay alive. I will help you in any way possible.”

“I believe you should help him. When he was throwing knives at me, he could have killed me if he wanted to, but he didn’t. Also, his eyes tell a story of a forlorn person, who longs for attention. Someone who fills the gap with a fake world in which everything is the way he wanted it to be. Sosai’s not evil. He’s just lonely.” Korihana said in a cheerful tone.

The other seven exchanged expressions which were a mix of awe and amazement.

Sosai’s face was painted with gratitude. He was quite amazed that someone could tell so much about him by just looking at his eyes.


“Sosai, we won’t kill you, under one condition, you are to be always in our site and… you must tell us everything you know about the Forusagr!” Esiko smiled, glad to be at the end of a long battle.

“Don’t Esiko. YOU WILL REGRET THIS!” The same voice floated out of nowhere.

“I swear upon my honor as an illusionist I will be loyal to the people who saved me.”

“He has none.”

“Who keeps talking?!”

Sosai quickly stepped in before the voice had a chance to speak up. “Sorry, my illusions are actually quite powerful… Some have an ability to speak.”

The group was satisfied with his answer. “So… Where are we? And what are we to do with these uh… illusions?”

“Well, you see. We’re still in my little realm of illusions, even though their are frozen.” Sosai glared at Uncia heatedly.

Muttering something under his breath, Uncia thawed the frozen illusions and the illusionist himself. Sosai fell into a puddle, spraying the small group with the milky substance. “Rumero.” All the melted ice disappeared, leaving the whole area clear of the essence.

“And now I must be off. Farewell Esiko. I will answer your questions next time we meet…” Uncia said with a contented look on his face. Without another word, he evaporated into the thin air, leaving no trace of his presence.

Sosai stood up shakily. It was revealed to everyone that he was quite thin. Ensis hurriedly approached him, supporting the boy.

“NOT SO BIG AND MIGHTY NOW ARE WE?” Korihana sang happily, twirling around the two merrily. She poked her tongue out at him as he sneered back.

“Be nice to him Korihana, we will probably have to put up with him for at least until the end of this quest, which we SHOULD be doing, rather than wasting our time playing merry-go-rounds with the stranger,” Esiko lectured, feeling that they had already squandered away enough of their time.

With another glance at Sosai, Korihana turned to Esiko. “Fine. Where do we go from here then, Esiko?”

“I’m not the one to ask. Sosai?”

“OH. So now you need my help again hey? Help from the weak, defenseless boy?”

His mocking seemed so pathetic while he was in that state, but Korihana played along with his guise knowing he was their only way out. “Oh forgive me, my royal illusionist!” She fell to his feet with a dramatic sweep. “I have disobeyed you my lord. Please give mercy upon my soul!” The sarcasm etched deep into her voice could not be mistaken, but Sosai pretended not to notice.

He closed his eyes, pulled out his diamond within the folds of his shirt and slowly chanted.

Surroundings disappear.

Leave us ’til another day.

You are no longer wanted.

You are no longer needed.

Take us back to where we belong.

A disarray of multicolored blobs invaded their sight.


Ensis blinked once.


He waited for his eyes to adjust back, the faint hint of multicolored blobs still marring his sight.

As his vision cleared, the glanced around the room. They had returned to their inn room in Agora. Like himself, the others had somehow been laid back into their beds and were sleeping quite soundly. He groaned softly as the memories of what had happened in the past twenty-four hours flooded back into his head. He slowly lifted his heavy and aching bulk from his resting spot. Holding onto the edge of his bed he wiped the sweat of his face before standing up and to get himself a cup of coffee.

Whilst stumbling his way towards the tiny kitchen, a small glint caught his eye. On the coffee table lay a note, and on top of it a miniature crystal sword, etched with the intricate design of Korihana’s blade, holding the delicate piece of paper down. Naturally curious, Ensis picked up the note and began to read.

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